Nature and Wildlife

Wake up in nature’s paradise and discover a wildlife wonderland. Slope Point Accommodation offers the opportunity not only to wake up to the sound of birds in the morning but we are only minutes away from an abundance of wildlife at the coast and at the forest.

With only two minutes’ drive to the Waipohatu forest, you open the car door to hear the sounds of the forest and the smell of 100% nature. The Catlin’s still have an array of native birds which include the wood pigeon, tui, bellbird, brown creeper, grey warbler, tomtit, and fantail to name a few. There are many forest walks through the Catlin’s. Not only is there the Waipohatu forest to discover but there is the McLean Falls and Cathedral Caves, Lake Willkie, Papatowi Forest, Matai Falls, Catlin’s River Walk, Purakaunui Falls and Kaka Point just to name a few.

Not only can you immerse yourself in forest walks but there is the more open and that are equally spectacular Caitlin’s Coast. There you can discover numerous sea and estuary birdlife , sea lions and dolphins but the dramatic landscape that the sea has made to the Catlin’s coastal land.

There are the Cathedral Caves, Jacks Blow Hole, Petrified forests uncovered to see, high cliff tops to the golden beach of Curio Bay.

Take your time to discover the yellow eyed penguins, the sea lions and seals based throughout the Catlin’s, the rare hectors dolphins at curio bay and the many sea birds in the area.  Some of these include the stilt, oystercatcher, the blue and white herons, godwit, terns, spoonbills, kingfishers, gulls and ducks. That doesn’t include them all. The blue heron nests up in our trees near our accommodation. It is awesome to see them glide into the nest and wonder around the farmland.

I could write for hours about what your will find in the Catlin’s. Really you need to come and discover this unique and magical place for yourself. If you love the outdoors and nature at its best, the Catlin’s is a great place to stay.


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