Walks in the Catlin’s can be long or short as you have time to fit in. The top track at Papatowai is a 2 day, 26km walk over beaches and private land. On the other hand, you have numerous short walks. Within 10 minutes’ drive of Slope Point Accommodation, there are several forest and coastal walks for you to enjoy.

As I have mentioned already, the Waipohatu walks are 20 minute stroll or the longer 3 hour walk to the 2 waterfalls. Also the Haldane Estuary is a great walk around the water’s edge and out through the mouth. Slope Point is a 15 minute return walk out to the beacon and the sign and you can see the well photographed windswept trees  and farmland. Not advertised but recommended is the walk along the sand track at the end of the road. It goes through forest and out along sand dunes then onto the beach to join to Waipapa Point lighthouse area. This Is a 14 km walk - turn back at any stage.

Then a short distance away you have Curio Bay area.  Not only can you walk along the beach and watch the rare hectors dolphins playing with the people in the water but you can also walk around the rock shore at the end and discover the rock pools and rock formations that is unique to this area.  One of these is the fossilised forest which is also the site of were the yellow eyed penguins coming into nest.

Throughout the Catlin’s there is a huge amount of walks that you can do that lead  you to discovering waterfalls, caves, lakes, wildlife and scenery that will take your breath away.



remember to check out the official website: www.catlins.org.nz