Our Farm

Andrew, Justine and girls would like to let you know a bit about our farm and what we have to offer. We run a 546 ha (1320 acre) property which is in 3 separate blocks. We mostly run sheep and beef cattle. Every day is a work day at Slope Point Accommodation on the farm but every day is a fun day.  

As you arrive at the accommodation, the most obvious farm animal you will hear the sheep . As a new vehicle pulls up, they run over to the fence waiting to be fed. You are welcome to fed them anytime - there is a bin at the front door by reception; help yourself.

Spring and early summer is always a fun time to stay. We have the orphan lambs nearby to hold and cuddle. We also rear around 2000 baby calves at this time so they are always fun to let them suck your fingers and interact with.

We have 10 farm dogs at always enjoy a fuss being made of them when they are out and our resident cat “pus” will be the first to run up and greet you.  Harley our wee Jack Russell will probably be the first one to greet you.

Unfortunately because of health and safety rules we don’t take many out on the farm anymore but with the backpackers base being at the hub of farming life, you get to see what is going on. Our shearing shed is directly beside the private rooms so all guests are very welcome to come and look at the shearing in February when it happens and / or come out to the yards to watch or be part of the stock work that we are doing.

If you turn up in October on tailing day, you will be asked if you want to help. This is true kiwi experience to see the mobs of stock being brought in, lambs drafted and then the tails removed. Always a fun day out; with a couple of beers and meal to end the day.

Although we are busy, we always enjoy answering questions about how we farm and what happens to the stock and wool. The one question that surprises most guests is that one ram (male) is allocated 100 ewes (females) to mate with. If you want to find out more about what happens on a typical New Zealand farm, come and stay with us.